Revolutionary Ramble George

Rules of the Road and Safety Tips for Riders

NOTE:  Most cycling accidents are bike on bike, not bike on car.


During the Ramble:

  • Avoiding confrontations with motorists even if their conduct is clearly wrong. You’ll only make it worse for other riders.
  • Listen to the starter’s safety talk and ask any questions you have.
  • All riders must wear helmets.
  • Wear your numbered bib and wristband which shows you are entitled to all tour services.
  • No headphones while riding.
  • Pay attention to ride marshals, police and traffic signage.
  • The rules of the road apply to you
    • Stop at stop signs and red lights
    • use hand signals to inform drivers of your intentions
    • always ride in the direction of traffic
  • Bring with you
    • A spare tube
    • A cell phone – not for on-bike use
    • A full water bottle
    • A rear view mirror
    • Sunglasses
    • Your photo I.D.
    • Your registration confirmation email.

Safety Rules — Please Read!

Situation What to do
You may double up when you are not impeding traffic. Tripling up and higher are traffic violations.
Pass only on the left, and call out “On your left!” when passing.
Use hand signals when turning or when stopping.
Don’t follow too closely.

Share the road.