People Buried at the Presbyterian Cemetery, former home of the 600-year-old Great Oak (R.I.P. 2017):

Daniel Cooper – True Love – As a young man, he fell in love with Barbara Trimmer and tried to elope. Barbara’s father caught them and threatened to shoot Daniel if he came near his daughter again. Barbara eventually married someone else and Daniel married Grace (?) who bore him 10 children. After Grace died, Daniel checked to see if Barbara was available, but she was not. This repeated after each of his next 3 marriages. After his 4th wife died, Barbara’s husband had passed away. She, at 77, still loved Daniel and married him. Poor Daniel outlived Barbara and married a 6th time, dying at 100 years, 2 days.

Mary Lewis Kinnan – Born in Basking Ridge in 1763, married at 15 to Joseph Kinnan and moved to a farm in Tygart’s Valley, West VA. In 1791, renegade indians killed Joseph and her son, while capturing Mary. She was taken to Ohio where, after 3 years, she was able to get a message to an Army courier for delivery to Basking Ridge. The Army courier died of yellow fever before delivering the message.  Because the messenger was carrying important documents, his body was exhumed and Mary’s message was found and delivered to her brother who rescued her. She returned to Basking Ridge and lived to 85 “years of her age.” Of note: Kinnan Way intersects Lake Road on the 35-mile ride.

Caesar Hand – A slave, 1825-1883, is buried with his grateful master’s tribute “Faithful and beloved.”

Henry Southard – Born in Hempstead, NY in 1747, was a member of the NJ State Legislature 1797-99 and 1811. US Representative from NJ 1801-11, 1815-21. In 1821 his son Samuel (1787-1842) became a US Senator. The pair were the first-ever father-son congressional leaders serving at the same time. Samuel and another son, Isaac, were politicians throughout their lives. Southard Park in Basking Ridge, which is one of our rest stops, is named for the family.