SAFETY RULES AND TIPS FOR ALL RIDERS                                                                                           (novice to experienced)

Most cycling accidents are bike on bike, not bike on car.

  • Follow the same traffic rules you would if you were driving a car.
  • Be mindful of other cyclists.
  • Let other riders, and motorists, know what you are doing.

Have your bike checked for safety before you ride.

  • Take Advantage of Free Bike Safety Checks before you start.
  • Experienced riders will give a brief safety talk and answer questions before you leave.

Safety Tips — Please Read!

You may double up when you are not impeding traffic. Tripling up and higher are traffic violations.
Pass only on the left, and call out “On your left!” when passing.
Use hand signals when turning or when stopping.
Don’t follow too closely.

Don’t impede traffic.

• Check for any approaching vehicles before changing lanes.

• Slow down for congestion and hazardous conditions.
• Avoid confrontations with motorists even if their conduct is clearly wrong.
You’ll only make it worse for other riders.